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The Provisional World Children's Parliament is a global network of youth from around the world. It gives young people the platform necessary to express their voices and bring children together internationally to get involved in community work and work towards the common goal of the SDGs 2030 UN Agenda. 


To empower ourselves as children by organizing and participating actively in innovative activities, research, global events, leadership and community learning. Build and promote Inclusive Neighborhood Children's Parliaments.


Children everywhere heard and heeded!


Aim 1

Provide a voice for children from the grassroots to global, including all voices, with no one left behind.

Aim 6

Ensuring our projects are equity-centered, inclusive, and equality focused.

Aim 2

Coordinate global children's joy connections and activities.


Aim 7

Making sure our work is underpinned and motivated by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aim 3

Call attention to issues that affect children. Recommend concrete solutions and encourage their adoption.

Aim 8

Projecting compassion and commitment to our work.

Aim 4

Educate everyone about children's rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Aim 9

Using Sociocratic and Neighbourocratic methods and practices to strengthen our children's participatory activities.

Aim 5

Working with a variety of children, adults, and child experts to form a group of diverse views, values, and voices.

Aim 10

Working together and encouraging teamwork to execute plans and aims as a group.

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